Sunday, April 27, 2008

In Trouble Over Smelly Ferret Poop

A new battle has commenced at my house over smelly ferret poop. And the Marshall ferret food is at the center of the issue.

I feed my ferrets Marshall Pet Foods. It was recommended by our vet, Dr. Jenkins at the Avian and Exotic Animal Hospital.

About a year ago I switched from Totally Ferret. To be honest I stopped using Totally Ferret when they stopped answering our requests for sponsors for the annual Ferret Legalization meetings.

My ferrets are healthy and doing well on Marshalls.

But my partner who believes in beauty over function says the Marshall food causes the ferret poop to stink more. I can't smell the difference.

Ferret nutrition is a little controversial. A few purisits tell me ferrets were meant to eat mice. That ain't gonna happen, but I do want the best possible diet.

What do you think?

Pat Wright


creature said...

Most ferret foods contain some sort of fish products. Fish has a way of smelling up everything it comes in contact with, right?
I am fortunate enough to have for 5 ferrets in my life. All have free run of our home with no problems.....expect poop! I feed "Ferret Store Superior Choice" food. They LOVE it and their poop isn't bad at all. In fact if I get too busy and don't clean as I should, I can go a week without picking up their "poop papers" without gagging from ferret poop stench when I walk into the house.
All of our family members (ferret type) are 3-4 years of age and not a single health problem to boot. I will stay with the Ferret Store Superior Choice!

cindy gren said...

I have adopted several ferrets who ate other ferret foods over the years. I believe Tottaly Ferret is the one food that my guests acually comment on the "lack of smell" in the litter box.

I know by in 15 lb bags vs the 4 lbs in pet stores thru Ferret Depot as it is cheaper per lb

Anonymous said...

My five-year-old little guy has been on Totally Ferret most of his life--it was recommended by our vet. His poop isn't too stinky, but his urine is very potent

Lisa said...


I used to mix Totally Ferret with Innova Evo Cat food. The mix ensured the best of both foods.

Also - I would enjoy seeing a BARF section for the poll. BARF is just whole prey feeding. Not everyone who feeds meats throws their ferrets mice :) Some grind up a whole chicken and feed it. Ferrets need the bones as well as organs and meat in order to survive, and even then, you have to make sure they're getting extra vitamins and minerals. If I ever did feed whole, I would also supplement with kibble. I think it's best to do what the ferrets need, and not be concerned with "either or" or taking sides.

Many people complain that kibble ruins teeth. Raw isn't the greatest, either. Brushing is recommended in any case. And if you are feeding a low-carb kibble, the insulinoma worry can be reduced significantly.

Lori L said...

I feed Zupreem because it has the highest protein & fat content of all those I surveyed; is fish-free and the first two ingredients are chicken. I've also began supplementing with Pingsfords Porridge just last week; which is 100% meat of various sorts made by people who Kow & Love ferrets.
P.s. They also have ex-Californians in their midst, so they know our plight and ship completely 'brown wrapper' in case you worry about stuff like that. :) Oh, I've also heard that ferrets need kibble in absence of eat hard bones, to keep their teeth healthy.

Anonymous said...

I use a mixture of totally ferret, zupreem and evo ferret food, and I use the ferret store gold for making the soup mixed with totally ferret.
When I have had rescues that only eat marshalls, I can tell you for a fact that my ferret room smells entirely different and not in a good way. ugh......

beverly, the thugs and gourmets

Anonymous said...

our ferret was on marhsal food and you couldn't even tell we had one judging by the smell. We use corn cob litter which is non clumping and has no perfume. However after getting our second who was eating "eagle pack holistic" she decided she liked that better, even though there is anchovie and sardine in it the smell is still not there. We have really good water here which I understand can also be a factor in stink.

Sutton and Suzie the Sugar Gliders said...

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Sutton and Suzie the Sugar Gliders said...
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Anonymous said...

the fish comment is true , this is true for most cats to. ;)if they use the pan the litter can make a difference. i use cellsorbe. the mice thing is true too , they would eat eggs, mice, birds, grubs, mundo worms, nightcrawlers, mealworms. think about it they are sneaky little nest raiding thieving digging bundles of destruction and joy....obligate carnivores. so for the love of your fuzzy flip over your bag of food and if it includes: corn of any kind, grains, or protien less then 45% or like 9-10%wet(if u can get them to eat it),...throw it out. go to and find out where u can get evo cat, they list all their ingredients and if u click on it they tell u what that ing. means. also you have to think about moisture content plus cat food will be easier to get in california...i can go on for days. a good source for info is ferrets for dummies. its a good read too. i got four healthy overly energetic beautiful fuzzies, and i lost two wonderful woozels to diseases that might have been prevented with proper care.PS stay away from sugars of any kind, and they need a lot of darkness and things to do